Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Brown Panthers

Brown panthers personality is very cheerful, and free from care.
Such character attracts people and helps to build up network of connections.
Brown Panthers have very pure heart, and dislike anything crooked.
You devote to others full heartedly and faithfully.
You are very independent and at the same time a hard worker.
Because of this personality, other people naturally see you as a leader.
Money wise, and in personal relations, you have good fortunes.
You are weak in sales and bargaining.
You tend to lack to see insight, but smartness is Brown Panthers belief, so you can negotiate in your own pace, and can lead the others to come along.
You are strong willed person with pride, and do not like to loose.
You get interested in many things and tend to challenge new things.
But you lack the last step forward, and therefore need more modest effort making.
You have a personality of a daydreamer.
When this fantasy leads to real project, it can end up in development of extremely unique item that may sell millions.
You are suited to idea creating occupations such as in advertisement.
However, you are not too good at balancing out the money and the work, so you need to be careful on that.

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